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Full Motion Video. Is the industry ready?

Posted On February 8, 2019

FMVs (Full Motion Videos) or interactive games will not be changing the film industry anytime soon. As a whole the industry is geared for the box office, which is to say, theater audiences. The success of a movie is often measured by how well it sells at the box office, which has a very limited scope as to the type of movie format. As such, FMV's are not playable at the theater and it would require a major overall of both film studios and box office theaters to change the movie theater experience.

However, that's not to suggest that film studios couldn't have success with releasing FMVs through Media Service Providers, as Netflix clearly demonstrated with it's recent release of Bandersnatch. Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and other platforms are captivating audiences that would rather skip the lines, and often annoying, theater audiences. Studios could definitely capitalize on home audiences with releasing FMVs that tell interesting stories, have good direction, and with big name actors.

Done well, FMVs and interactive media games can carve out a lucrative nitch within the entertainment industry, but not on the big screen.

Every genre could be adapted to FMV as long as it's done well. I think it would be very entertaining to watch remakes of popular movies in the FMV format. Can you imagine enjoying an interactive game remake of Fight Club, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Starship Troopers, or Tombstone? Any of those would be freaking awesome as an FMV; I'd even play-watch Titanic, if possible.

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